For all the women in your life.

Update:  Mangosteen Trio Collection is sold out in the CAN NFR market.  


Mothering is hard work. Just about all of us kids gave Mom a few extra gray hairs and wrinkles. “You’re gonna send me to an early grave!” at least one mom has been reported to have shouted at a teenager who wrecked the family car. (I mean, we wouldn’t know personally. Heard from a friend…)

But now’s your chance to undo some of the damage. Un-take the toll. Un-cause the stress. XANGO put together a special Women-centric promotion that focuses on the restorative power of the mangosteen, letting you give back the women in your life some of that youthful je ne sais quoi.

For a few weeks only, save big on Mangosteen Pericarp Oil, Mangosteen Brighten and Mangosteen Balm. Three forms of antioxidant support to calm the signs of inflammation stimulate production of collagen and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


Mangosteen Trio Collection — $80/50PV (Save $76 + FREE Mangosteen Balm 3-PK)*

  • Mangosteen Pericarp Oil
  • Mangosteen Brighten
  • Mangosteen Balm 3-PK — FREE! ($30 value)

*Promo is available while supplies last.

*Available for XANGO U.S. and AUS NFR only. 

*Normal shipping time is 5–7 business days.

Call in only. Dial 1.877.GO.XANGO (1.877.469.2646) and pick up your pack today. 


BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE: Through the end of June 2016, we’ve secured lower pricing on XANGO Aeris™! It’s only available for a limited time, so take advantage for yourself, and tell your friends:

  • Aeris Marine Collagen Complex — was $70/50PV, now $50/35PV
  • Aeris Instant Eye Gel — was $40/30, now $30/25PV (CANADA NFR remains at $42/30PV)
  • Aeris Eye Renewal Concentrate — was $80/70, now $60/50PV
  • Aeris Eye Renewal Duo — was $100/80, now $80/60PV
  • Aeris Pack ADP — was $135/100, now $130/100PV
  • Aeris Pack non-ADP — still $135/100

*Available for XANGO U.S., CANADA NFR, and AUS NFR only.

Call in or order your Aeris products online. Click here to order.