April Promo: Save like a PRO on XALO®

This promotion is no longer available.  


For us in the Northern Hemisphere, April is the month the world comes back to life after a long winter’s sleep. Long nights and cold, creaky bones give way to a warm, spring sun — and the urge to get up, get out and do something.

Fitting, then, that we focus this month on XALO Pro’s 3-dimensional approach to regeneration. The three supplements in the XALO Pro line — optimized for morning, afternoon and night — help you shake off the doldrums so you can get busy living:

  • IGNITE — With L-arginine to optimize circulation, Ignite promotes cardiovascular health through better nutrient and oxygen delivery. Increased blood flow means better focus, more energy and improved performance*.
  • LIMITLESS — Fueled by mangosteen, focused with GABA & gotu kola and flowing with electrolytes from coconut water. Others’ artificial stimulants buzz and then bottom out, but Limitless delivers a natural boost without the crash*.
  • RELOAD — Take it at bedtime to give your body the building blocks (glutamine, branch-chain amino acids and D-ribose) it needs to wake up refreshed and feeling younger*.

Beyond just saving money and helping you feel great again, April’s promo packs let you share the XALO goodness and build your business:


XALO Pro Pack Plus

Buy XALO Pro Pack Plus and get a free limited-edition XANGO water bottle & 30 XALO 3D sample cards.

  • XALO Limitless (x1)
  • XALO Ignite (x1)
  • XALO Reload (x1)
  • FREE XALO 3D sample card (x30)
  • FREE limited-edition XANGO water bottle, 20 oz. P.E.T. (x1)

Whls price: $134.95/100PV ($27 Savings)



XALO Limitless 3 Pack

  • XALO Limitless (x3)

Whls price: $100/60PV ($20 Savings)



XALO Ignite 3 Pack

  • XALO Ignite (x3)

Whls price: $115/65PV ($20 Savings)



XALO Reload 3 Pack

  • XALO Reload (x3)

Whls price: $130/75PV ($20 Savings)



* Water bottle available while supplies last. 

* Available for XANGO U.S., XANGO Canada NFR, and XANGO Australia NFR.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.